It's like a selfie but not

Who am I?
My name is Geraldine Nonnewitz, and I happen to be an artist. People tend to call me Geri or even Kari, which I prefer to my full name.

I graduated with a BA of Fine Arts from Chester College of New England. Apparently that wasn’t enough for me, because I’m currently enrolled in Drexel for Art Administration. What’s that you ask? Eventually I hope to help other artists manage themselves. I started as a graphic designer, so this really wasn’t the path I thought I would end up taking.

My specialty is digital illustrations. Take a peek at my gallery if you’re interested.

Why Project NOS?
I’m a fan of Latin. “Nos” means our, and in this situation is also short for Novus Ordo Seclorum, meaning “the new order of things.” So Project NOS is twofold in meaning to me: The New Order of Our Project.

It is also easier to spell than my name.

So, anything else?
Have my resume. If you would like a copy with my references, just drop me a line







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